History of the YMCA-Denzlingen e.V.


The Young Men's Group is accepted as a group in the YMCA Baden. At the delegates' meeting of the YMCA Baden, the coat of arms was presented. The photo was then taken at home in the Protestant parish hall.

In the vicinity of the Young Men's Group, there was a trombone choir and a church choir in the Protestant parish. Young people were also active in both choirs. In addition to the Young Men's Evening, they met for outdoor sports, on the "Plätzle" next to and regularly took part in competitions of the YMCA Sport-Eichenkreuz, especially in disciplines of athletics. (Werner Walther)


From the members of the young men's group (from the age of 17), some took on responsibility and founded the boys' youth group from the age of 10, and the boys' group as a group following confirmation.

(Siegfried Strobel, Manfred Horch, Werner Walther)


The gymnasium in Mühlengasse was inaugurated. On Monday evenings the training of the Eichenkreuz sports group was now in the hall or on the sports ground belonging to it. (On Monday I go to the "EK")


At Whitsun, the first big camp for all groups of the YMCA Baden took place in Teningen. The programme included the first "Baden Indiaca Championships". (For young people up to and including 17 years of age) Winning this championship now determined the focus in training. Less and less athletics, but Indiaca.


After the Denzlingen team had also won the youth championships in 1967 and 1968, they travelled to the first German Youth Championships with great excitement. There, the Denzlingen team came in second.


The people of Denzlingen successfully promoted the development of the sport of Indiaca and introduced an age group from the age of 17 in the YMCA in Baden, which was soon adopted in the YMCA in Germany, and that the games in the championships take place indoors.

The YMCA in Germany changed its name from "Christian Association of Young Men" to "Christian Association of Young People". Women's and mixed teams were introduced for the sport of Indiaca.

From 1971, girls and young women were now also members of the EK sports group.

In the Protestant parish, the "Youth Convention" had taken on a central and attractive function as a staff meeting. The Jungschar groups were run on a co-educational basis, membership in the group did not automatically lead to membership of the YMCA. Several people took turns in the responsibility for the Indiaca training. (Michael Kern, Hartmut Nübling, Gerhard Rappold)

The YMCA group developed an annual leisure time of several days, at that time at the Haldenhof in Simonswald, for better community building.



The YMCA Denzlingen was formed into an association. Hartmut Nübling, Marianne Rappold, Susanne Kern and Michael Kern were members of the board for many years. Hartmut Nübling was responsible for the Indiaca training.

There was a great sporting upswing: youth training for girls and boys, adult training for women's, men's and mixed teams, and at the same time the sporting success of several German Indiaca championships for the women and men.

On the Saturday after Easter, the tournament for the Breisgau Cup took place in the three-part school sports hall with teams from Baden and Württemberg with strong playing abilities.


The YMCA theatre group dared to put on full-length performances in the Protestant parish hall. The success was there. Due to lack of space, they moved to the auditorium of the education centre and offered amateur theatre of a high standard with comedies and British humour on three evenings in a row. With the opening of the Kultur- und Bürgerhaus Denzlingen, the YMCA Theatre also changed its venue. Since the beginning, Marianne Rappold has been the leader of the group, director and actress and was awarded the cultural prize of the municipality of Denzlingen for this achievement in 2007. In addition to Marianne Rappold, long-time participants are Andreas Braun (Speicher), Barbara Denkinger, Markus Nübling, Yvonne Mick, Michael Gehrke.


Under the direction of Gisela Nübling, an annual YMCA bazaar was held (until 1998) in the Ev. Gemeindehaus with arts and crafts offerings such as silk painting and quilting for the benefit of the YMCA leisure centre in Belchenhöfe.


The YMCA choir was founded under the direction of Gisela Nübling. With new spiritual songs, church services were helped to shape and also prepared and carried out as a whole under certain themes. In December 2003, Gisela Nübling handed over the responsibility for the YMCA choir to Petronella Rußer-Grüning. The performances changed and the choir profiled itself for participation in confirmation services and for organising the concert "Music in Advent" with the performance of extensive choral works by contemporary composers.


Hartmut Nübling leaves the board and also hands over responsibility for the Indiaca training.
New members of the board are Yvonne Mick and Markus Nübling. Marianne Rappold, Susanne Kern and Jens Gutjahr remain.
Günter Burkhardt, Jürgen Emmerich, Andreas Nübling will be responsible for the Indiaca training.


A new constitution is adopted and the YMCA becomes a registered association: YMCA Denzlingen e.V.


A children's and youth group Indiaca is revived under the responsibility of Anja Kientz.

(Text: Hartmut Nübling)