We train a fast team sport: Indiaca.
- since 1964! The game of the ball with the red feathers
The rules of the game are similar to volleyball, and it is relatively easy to learn.
In our group, recreational and tournament players play and train together.
For some time now, we have also been unpacking a yellow ball in training: Spikeball.
This fast reaction game played in fours complements the Indiaca training perfectly.

Training times

Children and youths from 8 years: Mondays, 19:00-20:00, Jahnstr. 14, Ballsporthalle Denzlingen

Adults - beginners: Mondays, 20:00-21:00, Jahnstr. 14, Ballsporthalle Denzlingen

Adults, from 16 years: Mondays 20:30-22:00, Jahnstr. 14, Ballsporthalle Denzlingen.

Coaches: Andreas NĂ¼bling, Anja Kientz