Mixed Cup Indiaca Malterdingen

The annual Indiaca Malterdingen Mixed Cup took place in Herbolzheim on 20.01.2024. We from CVJM Denzlingen were represented with a team in the 35+ category. There were 7 teams entered in the category and it was played in "everyone against everyone" mode. The first two games against Maulbronn and Edenkoben were clearly won. Then came the match against Malterdingen1, who on paper appeared to be the strongest opponent. They were able to keep up in the first half, but then had a weak phase in the second half in which they conceded 4 points and lost the game. The games against Eggenstein2 were clearly won again and so the last two games against Eggenstein1 and Malterdingen2 were decisive for a place on the podium.  Thanks to a very strong team performance, they were able to secure two close but never threatened victories and 2nd place on the podium behind Malterdingen1.

(Text: Andreas Nübling)


Baden Indiaca Championships

On 25.06.23, the Baden Indiaca Championships of the YMCA took place in Liedolsheim. The YMCA Denzlingen participated with a mixed team and was in a group with the host YMCA Russheim, the YMCA Ichenheim, a guest mixed team from Maulbronn and the male A-youth from Malterdingen (due to too little participation in the A-youth teams).
In the group phase, an "everyone against everyone" was played to determine the semi-final matches 1st against 4th and 2nd against 3rd. In the first match of the day, the YMCA Denzlingen team had to play the host YMCA Russheim. Denzlingen lost the game clearly and it was noticeable that the team had not often played together in this formation. However, the team improved steadily in the following three games and harmonised better and better. Thus, the remaining group matches were all clearly won and the mixed team finished the group phase in second place. In the semi-finals, Denzlingen played against the third-placed team from Ichenheim, which they had defeated very clearly in the last group match.
The game in the semi-final was much closer, but the YMCA Denzlingen was able to win in the end and met the YMCA Russheim in the final, against whom they had lost the first game of the day in the group phase.

The final was very exciting and the YMCA Denzlingen team showed a concentrated and very good performance. They led by 4 points until two minutes before the end. Then, however, they lacked the final determination and calmness to close the bag, Denzlingen lost 6 points in the last moves and finally became Baden runner-up.

(Text: Andreas Nübling)